Void Sea

My Contribution..

“Dive deep into dark and forbidden waters and face the eldritch horrors below, all while keeping your sanity intact in a Lovecraft inspired sidescrolling shooter”

This game was made with the schools in-house 2D engine, TGA2D, and the project time was 8 weeks part time.


I took the opportunity to work on the menues for this game. Working closely with the artist who made the sprites for each state, to help realize that creative vision. It was a lot of fun.

Sprite Animations:
We used sprite animations, and I wrote the system which handled them. It turned out to be a clunky mess, but I learned a lot about pipeline work.

Video Player Wrapper:
A part of the requirements for this project was animated intro/outro. There is a video player integrated into the engine, but we needed to control it slightly differently. For example, the base implementation only allowed for one video clip to be loaded at a given time. We needed a system to hold the video files to avoid loading it at runtime.