My Contribution..

The world is old, rusty and broken... Find a way to fix it, using your trusty sailboat, a grappling hook and all of your wits!”

This game was made with the schools in-house 2D engine, TGA2D, and the project time was 8 weeks part time.


This project got me interested in AI. I mainly worked on the behaviours for the monsters, and implemented a tile-based pathfinding algorithm which did not use a graph like djikstra or AStar. We needed our enemies to be stupid, but at the same time to not walk into danger. The solution was a system that checked the desired direction, and then checked the tiles around it, facing that direction. If the tiles were walkable, the enemy moved there, otherwise it tried the neighbooring tiles. If it could not find anywere to move, it just stood still, never walking away from the player.